A Revolutionary Way to Approach Moisture Mitigation

Faster, Cleaner, Easier Performance.



School schedules, health codes and a myriad of flooring types make floor preparation and moisture mitigation a real challenge. FloorEverDriTM, is a single component, water based MMS with Zero VOC’s, blocks moisture in accordance with ASTM 3010 and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Faster, cleaner – just plain better!

A product that is necessary for the “fast turnaround” holiday or summer break project. It will allow you to return that school to the students and faculty, safe, on time, and in spec.



Installing flooring in a bustling office just got a lot easier!
Zero VOC, water based, one part FloorEverDriTM protects against 100%RH and 14pH under any type of flooring or cementitious underlayment. This all in one bucket is reusable and designed for quick clean-up and disposal.



Floor failures and other associated results from elevated moisture in your subfloors pose the greatest challenges for the health care industry. Loss of bed space and revenue due to these issues create a mission-critical situation to utilize the correct product for your installation. You are not introducing a two component product that can emit toxic fumes or shut your facility down by utilizing FloorEverDriTM. This product has Zero VOC, requires minimum floor prep and encompasses multiple steps into one product. Ultra-fast turnaround (1 hour or less) for all types of flooring, which can be directly applied, ensures a fast seamless flooring installation every time.



Moving loaded shelves, working overnight shifts… you know the drill! Why add the burden of 2-part epoxy moisture mitigation when there is a one-part water based alternative? FloorEverDriTM can be drop-shipped directly to the job site, no mixing, no special training and flooring can be installed within an hour of application.
FAST, PROVEN results that will streamline those schedules. Do the math….

  • FloorEverDri was exemplary

    We at Universal Flooring Inc. have implemented the FloorEverDri product on a number of projects thus far and have had great results.  I must highlight a specific project of ours wherein this product was used in a Multifamily Apartment complex in Roseville, California existing of 184 units inclusive of 64 on grade units which are all occupied containing a moisture issue.  Using FloorEverDri was exemplary in our quick need to replace flooring without disturbing the tenant(s) everyday living and get them back to like settings in a matter of hours.  We are grateful.

    FloorEverDri was exemplary
    Katie Woodards
    Account Executive
    Universal Flooring Inc.
  • A significant improvement

    For jobs testing up to 100% Rh, ProFloors LLC has been excited to offer our customers a budget and schedule saving moisture solution using FloorEverDri.  Easy to work with, the penetrating application is a significant improvement over other options with the added bonuses of no long cure times or additional prep. Thank you FloorEverDri!

    A significant improvement
    Brian Aliotta
    ProFloors LLC

Millions of Square Feet Successfully Installed!
Join the growing list of successful projects in the Alkalinagation Revolution!


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