Flooring Professionals Across the United States Agree: FloorEverDri is the #1 Flooring Innovation for 2019!

The FloorEverDri Story | An Interview with UniSeal Founder – Mike Leaman

Mike Leaman is the President and Founder of UniSeal Solutions, Inc. and Total Asphalt Technology. He was born and resides in York Pennsylvania

Q: There seems to be a real buzz around FloorEverDri these days?

ML: Is that a question?

Q: Well, yes – why now?

ML: The concept behind FloorEverDri is an idea whose time has come.

Q: How so?

ML: For nearly ten years we, at UniSeal have been saying that between the one-dimensional epoxies, and the hit-and-miss silicates, there is a simpler, cleaner, less expensive – in a word “elegant” solution for moisture mitigation.

Q: What does that mean?

ML: Well, think about how much technology has brought us over the last decade. Smart phones, fiber optics, carbon fiber in cars… broadband – to name a few. Our lives are impacted every day by technology. But if you look beneath your feet, flooring and flooring prep is being carried out in much the same way that it has been since the 1950’s. Can you name any other industry that is so “staid” in it’s ways?

Q: So you are saying that FloorEverDri is driven by hi-tech?

ML: Yes, and no! FloorEverDri is more along the lines of a Disruptive Innovation. What I did in 2008 is, I took some very advanced copolymers that were developed by Dow and Grace in the 1950’s and I found a way to get them to “play well together”, which allowed me to migrate this technology to the construction industry.

Q: Are you a chemist?

ML: No. I am an innovator and an entrepreneur – and I guess mostly I am stubborn. So stubborn in fact, that when my formulation was complete I was able to patent the invention, all over the world!

Q: At the start you said that FloorEverDri is an idea whose time has come – what do you mean?

ML: I guess that I can sum it up anecdotally by saying that whenever we demo our product the typical response is “too good to be true”, and while that can be considered a good response, it can also be a barrier to market acceptance – especially in an old-school industry like flooring and construction.

In the early years of the Company’s evolution our cause was taken up by industry-experts like Peter Craig and Lew Megliore. Lew and Peter took me around to meetings and this was successful to a point. After a while though, I realized that the Company needed to grow and expand its reach and that the product needed to become a real “product”. But I am going off on a tangent!

The reason why our “time has come” is because our product has been in the market now for nearly a decade, slowly but surely building consistency and continuity. FloorEverDri has been used in high RH situations on old concrete, new concrete, patched concrete, trowel finish, CSP 3 – and under every imaginable type of flooring – with ZERO failures, for over a decade.

Q: So how does it work?

ML: FloorEverDri becomes “part of” the concrete slab. As opposed to 2-part epoxy which is much like icing on top of a cake, or silicates that chemically react with the concrete – the nano-sized particles in FloorEverDri penetrate below the surface of the slab, and as the material dries, the copolymers pack tightly within the concrete matrix blocking moisture transfer from within. So it is hi-tech nano technology, but its delivery is actually very low-tech… it is carried by water.

Q: And in ten years you have never had a failure?

ML: None that we are aware of. We are the only water-based one-part material that meets the vapor blocking standards of ASTM 3010 as measured by E96. But in addition to that we deliver excellent direct adhesion and bring the pH of the top 3/8” of the slab to about 7.5 – so in essence we deliver the “perfect storm” for any type of flooring application.

Q: So what now?

ML: Over the last few years we have invested great resources in order to refine and enhance our formulas, and today our product is being used all across the United States to great success.

Q: It must be expensive?

ML: You would think so, but actually the material costs are less than epoxy or silicates, and due to the direct adhesion, minimal prep and ease of application – the overall savings are HUGE.

Q: Can you elaborate?

ML: FloorEverDri is rolled on to porous concrete with a nap roller – no protective gear is needed, and training for applicators in minimal. The product cleans up with water – and dries in less than an hour. Do the math, you can install twice as much flooring in a day, with a smaller crew, and have less hard costs.

Q: Any last insights for our readers?

ML: I’ll leave you with this – You may not be old enough to remember Long Distance Calling Rates? In the “old days” telephone service would cost more the farther away the call needed to go. Until technology came along and woke up consumers, and carriers could not justify the extra cost. Technology coupled with educated consumers caused that change – and we all benefit. That is what FloorEverDri is. The time has come to change the paradigm.

One last note – the moisture mitigation market had been dominated by foreign companies – materials that are manufactured abroad, imported and sold here. FloorEverDri was developed and is 100% manufactured right here in the United States. Aside from the economic benefits of local manufacturing we at UniSeal believe that it is time to buy Red White and Blue in this industry.

Simply put – FloorEverDri is an idea whose time has come!